Hartati Tamti

Hartati Tamti

MSc in Marine Management

University of Hasanuddin, Indonesia

Echinoid communities

Dr. Rohani Ambo Rappe

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Dynamics of sea urchin populations in response to environmental degradation

Hartati Tamti is based at the Hasanuddin University in Makassar, Indonesia where she also completed her Bachelor and Master degree.

Her research project will address several research questions including:

  1. how is the sea urchin fishing activities on and their utilization as well as perception of coastal communities related to sea urchin roles and management urgency,
  2. how are the responses of sea urchin population and species composition across a gradient of environmental changes?,
  3. what are the bio-ecological interactions between sea urchins and different conditions of seagrasses and coral reefs,
  4. (what are the best management options for sustainability of sea urchins both ecologically and economically?

These questions will be addressed through ecological field surveys and biological surveys of sea urchins across a gradient of water quality from inshore to offshore environments in the Spermonde Archipelago as well as interviews with coastal communities and related stakeholders.