Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN)

Early stage researcher

Tamara Stuij

Tamara Stuij

MSc in Marine Sciences

University of Aveiro, Portugal

Microbial communities

Dr. Newton Gomes and Prof. Nicole de Voogd

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Composition and function of sediment microbial communities

Tamara Stuij is based at CESAM, the marine research institute of the University of Aveiro in Portugal. She is originally from the Netherlands, where she completed a Bachelor in Biology and a Master in Marine sciences at Utrecht University.

Her research is focused on the composition and dynamics of microbial communities in coastal marine systemsDuring the 4D-REEF project, she will try to unravel how turbid conditions shape the sediment microbial community.  With microcosm experiments, she will analyse the microbial sediment community in controlled conditions, mimicking a turbid reef environment under current and future climate scenarios. Additionally, she will collect field data over spatial turbidity gradients apparent in the Spermonde Archipelago in Indonesia. She will use 16s rRNA gene sequencing to analyse the sediment samples to get in depth knowledge of the microbial community.

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