Our 4D-REEF researcher Estradivari co-authored a recently published article in NATURE Comment:

Biodiversity needs every tool in the box: use OECMs

Cited from the article: “To conserve global biodiversity, countries must forge equitable alliances that support sustainability in traditional pastoral lands, fisheries-management areas, Indigenous territories and more.

Global support is growing for the 30 × 30 movement — a goal to conserve 30% of the planet by 2030. In May, the G7 group of wealthy nations endorsed the commitment to this target that had been made by more than 50 countries in January. It is likely to be the headline goal when parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) meet to discuss the latest global conservation agreement in May 2022 in Kunming, China.

[..] OECMs could help to achieve the 30% target.”

Gurney GG, Darling ES, Ahmadia GN, Agostini VN, Ban NC, Blythe J, Claudet J, Epstein G, Estradivari, Himes-Cornell A, Jonas HD, Armitage A, Campbell SJ, Cox C, Friedman WR, Gill D, Lestari P, Mangubhai S, McLeod E, Muthiga NA, Naggea J, Ranaivoson R, Wenger A, Yulianto I, Jupiter SD (2021) Biodiversity needs every tool in the box: use OECMs. Nature comment.  doi:10.1038/d41586-021-02041-4

This is a publication of the project she worked on before joining 4D-Reef.

WCS and WWF have issued a WCS-press release and a WWF press release